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Welcome to CJ Canvas!

     Since 1979 we've been helping your special lady look her best. CJ Canvas has expanded to provide high quality after market covers for Cobia, Century, Carolina Skiff, Maycraft, and Polar boats.
     We Have two major advantages over other canvas manufacturers; our founder was trained by a tailor of high-quality men's suits, and we ourselves are boaters.
We get it. How many times have you ordered a cover and had the companu sell you something  that works for them, but not necessarily for you? Big, bulky covers and nowhere to store them. Snaps, straps, or zippers in the worst possible place for you when you are trying to maneuver around your boat. Or no zippers or openings where you need them? How many times have you said to yourself, "Where am I going to put this cover while I'm out running?" or, worse yet, it doesn't cover what you need covered; or covers too much?
     How many times have you ordered a cover and gotten something that looks like this? 


Or this?


Wouldn't you much rather have your lady look her best? Give her a cover that captures her sleek lines. Like this!


Or this!



     The best thing about our covers is that in most cases you can install them yourself!!

  Unless otherwise requested, our covers are made of durable "Top Gun" polyester. (The two above examples are of this material. The black mooring cover is of "Mustang", the blue is of "Top Gun". We use it on our own 16' Glastron. We have left it up summer and winter for 7 years. We are just now having to replace it! It took the weight of two feet of snow!) This material has a greater tensile strength, wear resistance, and superior durability over acrylic materials. We use it for facing material when we make acrylic or duck covers.

     If you prefer, we can make your covers out of any material you wish.



     Here is a partial list of the available items. More coming soon! 

Year          Model                 Canvas
2012                  2000                  3 Sided Enclosure
2012                  2000                  Small Enclosure for "T" top
2012                  2000                  Console Seat Cover
2012                  2000                  Leaning Post Cover
2012                  2000                  Bow Seat Cushions
2012                  2000                  Stern Seat Cushions  

Carolina Skiff
Year         Model                      Canvas
2012                                              Helm Seat Cover (fits models 16 JVX to 21 DLV)
2012               16 JVX                    Console Cover
2012               16 JVX                    Bow Seat Cushions
2012              17 DLX (narrow)       Bow Seat Cushions
2012              178 DLX (wide)        Bow Seat Cushions
2012               17'-21' DLX             Console Cover
2012               17'-21' DLV             Console Cover

A list of late model Century and Cobia covers coming soon!